Easy payments

Digitalise and automate your payment processes
Benefits - easy payments
Benefits - Easy payments

Pay and get paid on time with easy payment solutions

Automate your payment processes

How do I pay and get paid on time?

Late payments, outstanding DSOs and unknown cash flow are now issues of the past.

No matter how big or small your business may be, paying and getting paid on time is paramount for any business. All of which can be achieved with the right solutions in place.

Your business needs full invoice visibility and the tools to pay and get paid accurately and on time.

Easy payments and automated ways of working with Unifiedpost Group will do this for you.


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What’s in it for me?

Save time

Let digital automation chase customers, reconcile documents and pay for you.

Improve cash flow

Quicker digital payments result in a more accurate cash flow.

Eliminate errors

Automate document and data transfer to always pay and get paid the right amount.

Our services

Unifiedpost Group’s digital and automated services make paying and getting paid simple.

  • Electronic invoicing - Distribute in no time and process automatically. Meaning quicker payments for you.

  • Payments - Adding payment buttons to invoices takes away the hassle. Get paid faster with the right amount, making it easier for both you and your customer.

  • Flexible financing - Flexible working capital when you need it. In one click you know you will get paid on time.

  • Automated procurement - Through open banking connect with existing bank accounts to automate the reconciliation process, and save time by transitioning from manual processing to automated workflows.

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How do digital and automated solutions help me pay and get paid on time?

By transitioning to solutions such as electronic invoicing, payments and flexible invoice financing, your business will have the tools to pay and get paid on time.

Meaning you have the resources and real-time cash flow, to focus on more meaningful tasks. 

Explore Unifiedpost Group’s services and never miss a payment ever again.


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Automate processes and save time with Unifiedpost Group’s solutions

  • Transition to easy payment processes
  • Automate payment tasks
  • Pay and get paid on time
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