Document storage solution. Service oriented solution.

Who is Arhiver for?

Intended for clients with a large number of documents, to store documents in a secure environment. Are you tired of archiving and managing your paper administration? Arhiver is a secure solution for your digital archive, in accordance with the law and with a handful of benefits for your business. 

 B2B & B2C

Main functionalities

  • Save documents including PDF and metadata
  • User interface and API
  • Enter a document through an API, UI, or hotfolder
  • Integration with additional services, notification API
  • GDPR Module
  • User Management
  • Collection, storage & display of system logs on sending the message, in case of sending error, events caused by the end-user
  • Archiving of all sent messages, together with attachments
  • Analytics of all communications and reporting
  • Control the quantity and time of sending, keeping the domain from the blacklist, avoiding spam

Why use Arhiver?


You have complete control over sending and storing documents.


All data are stored in one place with detailed records.


Saves your resources.


It is in accordance with legal requirements.

Local support

Our team is always available for fast implementation and necessary support.

Our customers

>50 companies

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