CCM, automatic smart document generation

Who is CCM for?

Intended for clients with a high volume of documents, such as banks, telecom and utility companies, with the aim of automatic document generation. Do you need to create with a click smart documents from various non-standardized formats? CCM is the right solution for you that offers a fully automated process.

 B2B & B2C

Main functionalities

  • Analyze and compose
  • User interface & formatter
  • Variable content: text, bitmaps, QR, URL, audio, video
  • Document template creation 
  • Validation and control through quality & process assurance module
  • Smart document creation - transpromo document, targeted communication 
  • Document management and archive
  • Webportal – list & search
  • Security – fully automated process
  • Local design and support, tailor-made solution

Why use CCM?


You have control through a module for quality assurance and process validation.


Full transparency of the process of generating smart documents through templates and variable content.


Saves your resources.


It is a fully automated process.

Local support

Our team is always available for fast implementation and necessary support.

Our customers

>50 companies

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