Your compliant and sustainable outbound solution for order-to-cash processes to connect 100% of your customers.

What is Channel?

Channel is a compliant and sustainable outbound solution for order-to-cash processes.

Transition your business to electronic document and data exchange. Benefit from electronic invoicing processes, electronic data formats, all created, converted and distributed in the simplest way possible.

As a fully digital, automated solution, Channel enables seamless B2B, B2G and B2C document and data exchange. 

Tax compliant in more than 60 countries worldwide, Channel ensures your business meets local tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations.

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Benefits for your business

E-invoicing without the hassle

Transition from manual, paper invoicing to electronic invoicing processes in no time

Time & Cost Savings

Reduce manual processes and benefit from automatic tasks and quicker payments

Join the network

Join the network of over 1 million participants for seamless B2G, B2B and B2C document and data exchange

Tax Compliance

Comply with over 60 countries worldwide and connect to international interfaces such as PEPPOL and EESPA

How does Channel work?

The process is simple. Create your document and data file in a format that works for you. Use Channel’s value-added-services such as layout templates, electronic signatures and digital payment buttons to enhance your documents and data.

Send your documents and data to our unique Crossnet network look-up. The look-up searches for your end user’s required channel and format, and exchanges your documents for you. Documents and data are then automatically archived according to your country-specific regulations.

No more outbound manual work required! Just simple, automated document creation, conversion and distribution.

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"It was a challenging project with many novelties and unknown aspects under great time pressure. However, we have solved all problems together and successfully mastered a fully functioning communication of our invoicing processes via the official Italian platform Sistema di Interscambio."

Thomas Pitscheider – SAP Project Manager, Leica Geosystems 

Digital transformation

  • Electronic invoices and processes in the simplest way
  • No format or channel restrictions such as XML, CSV, EDIFACT, IDoc
  • Enrichment of documents with matching master data
  • Add electronic signatures to documents
  • Place payment functionality directly on invoices. Including digital links and payment QR codes

Join the network

  • Seamless connection to customers and suppliers in the Crossnet network
  • Benefit from Campaign Management to invite customers and partners to join Crossnet
  • Manage your clients using the portal
  • Onboard your SME customers using Unifiedpost Group’s Banqup solution for even easier exchanges

Time and cost savings


  • Quick and easy document creation and distribution
  • Automatically process all/any order-to-cash documents, including custom and sector specific formats
  • Simple and fast implementation without any extra internal IT work
  • Connect to your existing ERP or accounting software

Tax Compliance

  • Be confident knowing you will be tax compliant in over 60 global countries
  • Connect to international interfaces such as PEPPOL and EESPA
  • Automatically archive your documents and data according to your country-specific regulations

Value added services

Digitally store and archive your documents and access them anywhere, at any time.

Easily find your documents using Channel’s simple search and filter functionality. And rest easy knowing that Channel’s Certified Archive tool automatically archives all your data and documents according to your country’s specific requirements. 

Invite your customers for even easier document and data exchange using Channel’s Customer Invitation tool.

Are your customers using various inbound methods? Email, post or EDI connections? Not a problem! Channel’s Customer Invitation tool will onboard your customer and fully automate their inbound streams so that it creates an even simpler outbound solution for your business.

Create a tailored, branded invoice using Channel’s Layout tool. 

Need a different layout for a different team or department? No problem, Layout can do it for you.

Want to get paid quicker? Using Channel’s Paylink tool, add payment functionality to your invoices.

From payment buttons to electronic invoices, to payment QR codes on printed invoices, to an integrated Banqup full payments solution. Customers will be directed to a checkout page where they choose how they want to pay.

Ensure secure and compliant invoices with Channel’s Electronic Signature tool. Simply add a date and time stamp onto your document and prove the document’s original source.

The document’s tagging shows your customers that you are going to extra lengths to protect the authenticity of your document. 

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