Unisender, management of marketing campaigns: create, send, report


Management of sales invoices: approval flow,
sending and archiving

Who is Unisender for?

Intended for all clients who want to effectively communicate and manage their marketing campaigns through digital channels.

Focus on your core business and allow Unisender to communicate digitally with your customers.
Our intuitive solution can help you generate targeted campaigns, promo offers and all other communications. Segmentation, a template gallery and campaign prototypes are some of the tools that will provide benefits.

 B2B & B2C

Main functionalities

  • Campaign prototypes and template gallery
  • Mail, SMS, Viber, Print - Unifiedpost as a print provider
  • Campaign scheduling 
  • Analysis of each email - CRM
  • Set up and configure campaigns, workflows, and template galleries
  • Graphic performance review and analysis
  • Archive list & search
  • Fully traceable delivery & actions to end customers
  • Cloud multitenant solution 

Why use Unisender?

Effective communication

Segmentation allows you to create campaigns and targeted communication towards customers.


Simplicity in terms of creating and delivering the campaign, with the ability to track user activities.


A large number of tools that save you time and money.                                         


Possibility to get analysis of the success of the campaign in a few clicks and through a graphical display.

Local support

You’re not alone. Our team is always available for fast implementation and necessary support.

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